100 reasons to lose a 100!

I dream of the day when I can say that I’ve lose 100 lbs! Here are my 100 reasons why! (in no particular order)

1. To fit into those college desks and not have a huge red mark where my stomach was being squished

2. To be able to cross my legs

3. To like my reflection

4. To be able to tie my shoes without holding my breath

5. To have less aches and pains than an 70 year old man

6. cuter bras 🙂

7. To cure my sleep apnea

8. To fit on the playground swings

9. To keep up with my husband biking

10. To kayak at pictured rocks without being afraid of sinking the kayak

11. To be able to run around and play with my nieces and nephew without getting tired

12. To not shop in the plus size section.

13. To not break anymore zippers!

14. To avoid chaffing my thighs

15. So people will notice who I really am

16. To avoid other health problems from being overweight

17. To not be a slave to food

18. So I will no longer be the girl with ‘the pretty face’

19. To be able to go jogging with friends

20. To be able to wear cute sandals and flip-flops all day long without severe foot pain

21. So I can paint my toenails

22. To wrap a normal size towel all the way around myself

23. Not having to hide from having my picture taken

24. So I can feel comfortable in a swimsuit

25. Cuter undies

26. To be healthy enough to have healthy children

27. Ride a bike more comfortably

28. So I can be fit enough to backpack on Isle Royal

29. To be able to reach for things or raise my hand without my belly showing

30. Lingerie: I want some

31. So I can be a healthy example to my family and friends

32. To not be squished by those bathroom stall doors that go in instead of out

33. To feel fit

34. To feel better about myself

35. To be able to have a conversation while walking up stairs

36. To enjoy the beach without a second thought

37.  To be able to run period

38. So my back doesn’t hurt so much

39. To not get stares when going to the gym

40. To have a cheaper food budget

41. To believe it when others tell me I look good

42. To be able to borrow/lend clothes to friends

43. To be able to wear knee high boots

44. To be able to do yoga

45. To feel sexy

46. To never again watch biggest loser and see contestants with a starting weight lower than mine

47. To not wear out the thigh area of my jeans before anything else

48. For people not to be embarrassed to gift me clothes and ask what size I am

49. To sit on the floor without my legs and feet falling asleep

50. To be able to complete a workout program such as the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred

51. To gracefully wear high heels

52. To have more confidence

53. To have people believe me when I tell them I’m a swimmer

54. To be asked to play pick-up games like ultimate Frisbee or

55. No more muffin-top!

56. To do the sleeping bear dunes hike

57. Smaller boobs

58. To crave healthy foods

59. To be proud of a physical accomplishment

60. To be able to find cute skirts

61. To be able to tell that I have muscles

62. To be more outgoing

63. To be a success story

64. To have arms that don’t wave themselves

65. To not have parents question if i’m worthy of being a swim coach because I ‘obviously don’t work out’

66. To have that once in a while ‘treat’ and not feel horribly guilty afterwards

67. To dance in public without becoming a hot mess

68. To be less moody

69. To swing at the playground

70. Skinny jeans

71. To comfortably ride in an airplane

72. To be able to sit on my husbands lap

73. To fit into a booth at any restaurant

74. So I can have a cute baby bump

75. To not turn BRIGHT red after exercise

76. To be able to jump higher than 2 inches

77. To not have to worry about the weight limits of things

78. No more fat jokes

79. To at least be able to train for a 1/2 marathon

80. Sleeveless tops

81. To get up gracefully from sitting on the floor

82. To be able to get close to the sink without getting a wet belly

83. To be strong

84. To be comfy in movie theater seats

85. To feel comfortable joining a fitness class

86. To have enough energy to keep a clean house

87. To look in a full length mirror… on purpose

88. For a little black dress

89. To be able to snuggle on the couch with the hubby and both fit!

90. Thinner face

91. To not have people checking your grocery cart

92. To make a better professional impression

93. Better posture

94. Sundresses

95. To no longer be continuously thinking about food!

96. Bye bye fat clothes. HELLO SHOPPING SPREE!

97. To prove to myself that I can do it

98. So I’m no longer afraid of breaking chairs

99. To live longer

100. So I don’t have any more excuses