Welcome to The Fight to Fit!

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I’m sitting here on a Thursday morning dreaming about what I want this blog to become. I’m not a professional writer (I actually am quite horrible at spelling) and I’m not some super fit girl who has it all figured it and can tell you all how to lose weight and get fit and blah blah blah… So what do I have to offer you?

I’m honestly not so sure. Maybe you need a place to vent… Maybe you want to feel like you’re not alone. You could want to get healthy along side a friend; a friend who realizes how HARD and FRUSTRATING this whole journey can be. Who knows… maybe you’re like me and start a whole new blog because it’s the only thing to prevent you from sucker punching that beautiful girl on Instagram… You know that beautiful girl who looks drop dead gorgeous in a bikini after losing 10 pounds… even though you could only DREAM of looking like her before picture.

You see, I’ve been on my own health, fitness, and weight loss journey for as long as I can remember, and it has been one of the most isolating experiences of my life. It seems so isolating because I have to FIGHT so hard just to lose 5 pounds, while I can gain it all back in a single week. In the mean time, society is out to prove how easy and simple it can be right? Sorry, no matter what I do… I can cut carbs, drink shakes, wrap myself in some magic potion, take pills, and even remove half of my stomach and this journey will still be a daily fight and struggle.

I am willing to Fight to Fit.

time will pass anyway

As someone who has struggled with my weight my whole life I know all to well that health and fitness do not come easy. In order to be successful we have to struggle every single day against all the forces that the world has stacked against us, and it is exhausting. My hope is through The Fight to Fit you will find encouragement, real talk, and motivation, along with tips and tricks, to help you push forward when you’re ready to give up. You are not alone in this fight, and you CAN be successful! WE can be successful!

With love,



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