Two months along!

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This is my first baby update as I am 8 weeks today ! I’ll be waiting until I’m further along to share these just in case something goes wrong, but I have always loved reading other bloggers weekly baby posts! It just seems like a great way to remember things and if I ever end up have more kiddos I can compare things along the way 🙂

I know when I started this blog I totally intended it to be health & fitness only, but now that we have a little one along the way it only inspires me even more! I’m ready to become a healthy and fit mama!
How far along are you? 8 weeks today!

What fruit are you? A kidney bean

Due date: February 16, 2017

Weight gain/loss: Down about 1lb

Exercise: None except for a few short walks. This is SUPER disappointing to me right now. Hopefully I get some energy soon!

Food aversions: plain scrambled eggs. Gross!

Food cravings: My daddy’s breakfast sandwiches. – With horseradish!

Symptoms: I’m exhausted. Spent 12 hours in bed last night and I’m STILL wishing for a nap during the day. On top of that, I’m officially on the market for some new bras, which stinks because there aren’t any stores near me that sell my size! I guess I’m be internet ordering and hope I can find something that works. I’m also slightly queezy if I don’t eat and definitely bloated!

Fears: My biggest fear right now is that I will go to my ultrasound and they will say that nothing is there. Besides the symptoms I mentioned above, I haven’t had any real nausea or vomiting that has stuck around. I know that I should just be thankful, but at the same time I’m scared something is wrong.

Generally feeling: Tired and moody.

Looking forward to: My ultrasound and seeing the baby!

What I’ve been loving: The BabyCenter app! I love the weekly updates and daily articles. I’ve been trying to not skip ahead so I have something new to look forward to each day!

What I miss: Long island iced tea pitchers at the DT.

Sleep: Meh. Maybe I’m getting too much? I’m just sooo tired and I’m constantly looking forward to when I can hit the sack next.

Maternity clothes? I’m starting to think about it. I definitely need a bra and the bloating has my pants uncomfortable. I’m at least on the market for a new bra and some drawstring shorts.

Gender suspicions: Micah has always thought he would have boys and already is calling the baby “little guy” ! I’m less convinced.

Any baby/pregnancy related purchases? I did get some preggie pop drops off of Amazon to help with the queezyness . They are delicious! I do think they help because I haven’t thrown up yet!



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