Hello 3rd Trimester

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Entering the 3rd trimester has always been seen as a huge milestone in my eyes. This is IT – the last chunk of time before I meet our baby girl! It still is really surreal most days… I will go from thinking about how SO much time is left to panicking that time is running out in the blink of an eye. I’m thinking the holidays will fly by but then January will be the slowest month EVER!



How far along are you? 28 weeks + 4 days

What fruit are you? The size of a large eggplant! She’s working her way towards 2.5 lbs and mamma can feel it!

Due date: February 11th, 2017

Cravings? I am honestly seconds away from flying my dad in as my personal chef. I miss ALL his food! Luckily Micah is home from traveling and keeping me well fed!


Weight gain: Up ~12 lbs, but wow does it feel like more!

Exercise: I’m still doing horribly in this department. I started wearing my Garmin Vivofit again and see that I’m averaging about 6,000 steps (on a good day!). I’ll write another post soon when I actually get a plan together on picking up my exercise.

Food aversions: This isn’t exactly an aversion, but more like a REVERSAL of an aversion I’ve had my whole life! I suddenly am a fan of leftovers! I’m really curious to how long this will stick around.

Symptoms: The little aches and pains have picked up, especially the round ligament pains along with my hips. I’m also peeing ALL THE TIME!

Movement: YES!! The little kicks and punches have definitely picked up and I can even see my stomach move from the outside! Micah hasn’t gotten to feel any yet because as soon as there is any pressure she seems to calm down, but he did see my stomach move! The downside is that she has found my ribs, or I should say one rib in particular which is now her favorite place to land a quality kick.

Fears: I’m a little worried because my doctor, which I loved, is moving away before my due date. I’ve decided to switch to a certified nurse midwife because she came highly recommended by a few parents I know. Even though I still will give birth in a hospital, I do worry about emergency situations and not having an OB GYN already there. Watching The Business of Being Born on Netflix really helped me feel better about my decision though!

Generally feeling: Excited, tired, and uncomfortable

Looking forward to: The parenting / birth class that our hospital offers. I’m all about getting as much information as possible these days!

What I’ve been loving: Seeing the quirky, adorable relationship already forming between this little one and her daddy. Micah speaks to her in “whale” because she is, ya know, underwater… and I swear they are already scheming plans for the future.

What I miss: Running, consistent gym visits and feeling physically strong. I’m hoping I can fix this soon!

Sleep: I’m getting up to pee 5-6 times a night and tossing and turning a lot, but my maternity pillow really does help!

Maternity clothes? I’m still living in Lularoe and a few pairs of target maternity jeans. Plus size maternity clothes seem IMPOSSIBLE to find!

Any baby/pregnancy related purchases? We have a crib, dresser, and a few books! I’m hoping to hit up the Black Friday sales for a few more of the big ticket items.

How’s Roomba? He’s adorable. I really think he know’s what is coming! I read somewhere that dogs know you’re pregnant before you do… The only thing they don’t know is how many puppies you are going to have! He has been barking more and when he hears things outside, but I’m hoping that will calm down now that Micah’s home.


Words of wisdom: At this point I’m loving all the advice people have for me. I know it may get old eventually when I start actually making decisions that other people don’t agree with, but as for now, send as much advice as possible!

With Love,



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