Lilly Jaymes at One Month

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I have to start by saying that this little girl has completely stolen my heart! I never could have imagined these last 4 weeks if I had tried. Honestly, time has just flown by. I’m not sure if it’s the sleep deprivation or what, but if the rest of her life keeps going this fast I’m not sure I can handle it!


At her 1 month appointment (which we had more around 3 weeks) she was 8lbs, 7oz and 21 inches long. The doc says she is perfect and a very healthy little girl. Personally, I am obsessed with her eyes and hair! Currently, her eyes are this steel gray / blue and while she is starting to go bald, her little curls are to die for!


Now, to cover the basics…


So far she has been exclusively breastfed and is a very good eater. We had a couple nights she was refusing to latch but (fingers crossed) I think it was a phase. She eats on demand during the day anywhere from every hour to every 3 hours and usually eats for 15-25 minutes. I was SO nervous about introducing a bottle to her but so far Micah has fed her twice! We started with the comotomo bottle and she did SO well with it that I wish I would have started with something cheaper. Oh well, at least we know this one works! I plan to have Micah get her a bottle of pumped milk 4-5 times a week for now and upping that a bit when we get closer to her starting daycare.


So far sleep has been pretty good. Her longest stretches of sleep are in the morning / lunch time and right after she goes to bed. However, I swear she knows when I have hot food and always seems to wake up for that. During the Night she is up about every 3 hours, but has given us one or two 4 hour stretches. We have been using both the love to dream SwaddleUP swaddle along with the HALO sleepsack swaddle and she seems to do well with both. I however like the SwaddleUP because it’s easier to put her in, and the fabric doesn’t ride up by her face. She really likes to have her hands by her face too.  She is the noisiest sleeper! She makes these grunting sounds that keep me awake pretty concerned. And of course when she does sleep quietly I have to check to make sure she is still breathing right?! Hopefully I will get some more restful nights in my future.




  • Dad’s burping abilities
  • bathtime
  • being worn, and so far seems to like the ergo more than the moby
  • standing / sitting upright so she can see
  • The carseat and car rides
  • pooping in a fresh diaper


  • Getting out of the bath
  • hats
  • Diaper / outfit changes
  • being held “like a baby”
  • gas (don’t we all)


I’m  doing better / adjusting. I love being a mother so much and I still can’t believe this little girl is mine! My hormones / emotions are definitely on a roller-coaster ride though and I feel like I have to worst case of PMS ever.  I found that getting out of the house daily is a MUST for me to feel like myself. There is just something about a real bra and fresh air that does a girl good! I’m really looking forward to being cleared to exercise again and spring to come so we can go on walks with our stroller !


She is growing SO fast! Here is her two week picture and her  again at 4 weeks. The newborn clothes are officially a little too tight so I have been slowly putting them away after she wears them one last time (while I try not to cry!) . The 0-3 month clothes are still pretty loose on her, but she does seem more comfortable in them. Her diapers confuse the heck out of me. The newborn seem too small but the size 1 seem WAY too big! We are currently using pampers swaddlers but I may start playing around with other brands. We shall see!

Overall, we are doing well! Lilly has been such an amazing blessing and I have been so grateful for all our friends and family. I’m waay behind on my thank-you cards, but to everyone who has sent a gift of a meal it has been SO helpful and appreciated!  Life is good! More adventures to come!


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