Going forward from here ~ Weight loss update

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to give a little update over here! Currently 33 weeks +3 days with baby girl ❤ As most of you know, I was struggling with regain before getting pregnant, but thankfully have only gained about ~16ish lbs in the last 33 weeks. I love being pregnant, but wow does it bring back so many memories of being morbidly obese. I’m currently at 250, around 20ish short of my highest weight.

                                          Left: 272lbs     :     Right: 33weeks pregnant, 250lbs

The aches and pains, panting up the stairs, the holding my breath to tie my shoes and struggling to get out of bed… So many things that I technically “remembered” but at the same time forgot what it was actually like. It motivates me, inspires me. It’s amazing how quick we can become complacent when we aren’t actively feeling like we were in our “before” days.

I’ve been thinking a lot about “Where do I go from here”, because honestly, this is total uncharted territory for me. Gyms in my area do not have childcare, I’ll be attempting to breastfeed, and there is snow on the ground half of the year. My usual plan of sweating it out to an hour of Netflix on the elliptical just won’t cut it anymore; I’ll need to be more strategic than ever.

After a lot of prayer, thoughts, and kind advice from you all, here is my current plan.

1. Practice a lot of balance and grace. I don’t expect getting fit and healthy after baby to be easy at all…. In fact, I truly have no idea what to expect. If something isn’t working, I will change it. If I mess up, I will move on. Giving up isn’t an option, but Grace IS.

2. I’ll be giving up my gym membership. Now this is something I’m not really excited about doing, but it makes the most sense practically. My gym doesn’t offer childcare,  and my husband travels for a good chunk of the year. If it works out where I CAN get to the gym, I’ll be happy to buy a day pass for some alone time and a good sauna.

3. Going along with #2, I’ll be starting at-home workouts. Beachbody has a online workout streaming platform that is pretty much like a workout Netflix. In the next few days they are making available an totally unlocked version to ALL of their programs, including all the new programs that will be released in the next year. I’ve decided to sign up for it, and get to work in my own living room.

4. Use my jogging stroller. My amazing parents got me a jogging stroller and I can’t wait for the snow to melt and to start using it! I literally go crazy if I’m cooped up in the house all day, and a good walk is a much better option than driving to the store. The pup will appreciate it too! I also can’t wait to start another couch to 5k program again get back into running!

So there you have it. My bare bones plan for the future. I want to thank you all for sticking with me through all of this and being the amazing support system that you are. I truly appreciate you!