My weight loss journey so far

My journey started many years ago. I’ve had a LIFE LONG struggle with sugar addiction and my weight. Despite being being fairly active, on a swim team throughout high school and on countless diets and programs growing up… I found myself a 271lb, 22 year old with sleep apnea, chronic back pain, and no energy for life. I went to the university doctor and was recommended for a sleeve gastrectomy to get my weight loss started. I ended up losing about 60lbs fairly quickly and was on top of the world. I can’t explain how amazing I felt! Even though I was still obese, it was the jumpstart I needed. BUT the weight loss stalled… for months. I worked harder than I ever had in my life and FOUGHT like heck to lose another 20lbs. I even ran my first 1/2 marathon!


After the half marathon things started to go downhill. I was becoming complacent. My procedure was a “temporary” fix that never restricted what I could put in my mouth, only the amount, and eventually I was eating full (super size) portions again. I indulged in too many cocktails, my favorite desserts, and didn’t get to the gym has as often as I used to. I regained almost 30lbs.

While just starting to get a handle on my regain, I became pregnant and that leaves me where I am today!

I have literally tried it all, including surgery, and I have come to realize that THE ONLY PERMANENT SOLUTION TO WEIGHT LOSS IS NUTRITION AND FITNESS. This realization is the heart behind this blog and the reason I have decided to join the fitness industry. I have a very long way to go in my own journey, but if I could help even even one person along the way by sharing my own story it will totally be worth it.

High weight: 271 lbs

Low weight: 188 lbs

Current weight: Pregnant?  Going up!

Ultimate goal weight: healthy!